Meet The Farmers of Mt. Elgon Uganda

(They are our first African partners!)

Meet the coffee farmers of Mt. Elgon, Uganda. They grew this coffee. Through our partnership with Mountain Harvest, we bring you a wonderful coffee from a group of wonderful people who own and work "micro-farms" that average 2 acres or less. Your purchase of this coffee directly impacts the lives of a community of over 800 small-holder farmers.

Farmer Profile




Mt. Elgon



Average Farm Size

Less than 1 acre

Average Farm Yield

232-505Kg per acre

Female Owned Farms:

40% and growing

Harvest Months


New Crop Arrival in the US


Coffee Varietals

Nyasaland and SL-14

Bean Certifications

Rainforest Alliance

Growing Facts

Organically Grown, Direct Trade

Farm Elevation:

Between 1,600 and 2,200 Meters

Community Challenges:

Access to accurate pricing, lack of education

Memorable Quote:

"Coffee is the lifeblood of our community. It is what brings us together. We produce coffee at the highest level so that we can get a good price and support this community." -Wadamba, Coffee Farmer

These farmers invite you to drink their coffee with joy and gratitude

Want to try some?

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