Can you answer these two questions?

1. Who grew your coffee?
2. How much was
he or she paid?

We can: Meet Rosa.

She was paid $1.52/lb for her coffee
and her income rose by 150%

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Meet Rosa She grew your coffee. From Bajo Ihuamaca, Peru, she's the epitome of perseverance. A fighter. She and her son, Nolberto, are determined to improve their farm.

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Meet Emiliano. He grew your coffee. From Otuccho, Peru. He's thoughtful and hardworking. One of his daughters was the valedictorian of her high school class and is now the first person in her family to attend college.

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Better Results = Better Coffee

Most Small-scale farmers earn less than $2,000 per year

Yet those same farmers produce 80% of the world's coffee. With incomes that low, they're forced to choose between investing in their farms or taking care of their families.

But What About "Fair" Trade?

"Fair" trade pays between 15-20 cents extra per pound of coffee, but the sad truth is that money usually doesn't reach the farmer. And even when it does, it's not enough to make a real impact.

That's why we pay 4 Times More than "Fair" Trade Bonuses

And we bypass middlemen to pay those bonuses directly to farmers for their hard work—leaving them with an income that will change their lives.

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Do you know how much coffee farmers earn from each cup we drink?

The answer might surprise you.

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