Farmers First Coffee Raises Its Committment to Peruvian Partner-Farmers by more than 65%

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When Farmers First Coffee Company launched in 2017, we began by purchasing 55 sacks of coffee from three farmers: Daniel, Emiliano, and Rosa. This year, we're proud to announce that the total amount of coffee we purchased from these farmers has risen more than 65% to 90 sacks—that's approximately 13,680 pounds of unroasted coffee. This represents an increase of more than 5,300 pounds for 2018's harvest compared to what we purchased in the 2017 harvest.

When we purchase green coffee from each farmer, we look at how much he or she was paid for their harvest. We call this the market price. A few months later, we pay a 50% bonus per pound on top of that market price, so the more coffee we buy from a farmer means even more impact in that farmer's life. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all, our customers, for your support in helping us to grow and be able to purchase even more coffee from more farmers.

What's next? After we meet with Daniel, Emiliano, and Rosa in January of 2019 and pay them their bonuses, we'll be publishing an updated edition of our Transparency + Impact Scorecards for each farmer.


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